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Evangeline Lilly Discusses ‘Hobbit’ Role

Evangeline Lilly, star of ABC’s hit series LOST, recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about her newest film, Real Steel. During the interview, she was asked about her next big role – the warrior Elf Tauriel in Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit.

“She is a warrior,” Lilly said. “She’s actually the head of the Elven guard. She’s the big shot in the army. So she knows how to wield any weapon, but the primary weapons that she uses are a bow and arrow and two daggers. And she’s lethal and deadly. You definitely wouldn’t want to be caught in a dark alley next to Tauriel.”

“She’s not in the first film very much,” Lilly responded when asked about Tauriel’s presence in the film. “She comes into the first film near the end, and has a very small part to play. Her role in the second film is much more involved. Although, I have to say, when I first read the scripts and took the job, she had a lot less going on in the second film. I think the role is becoming a bit more demanding than I had expected it to be. There’s a lot more for me to do now, which is a lot of fun, but it’s a little more pressure.”

You can catch a first glimpse of Tauriel in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, in theatres this December.

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  1. To me this pretty much confirms that the first film will end right after the capture of the dwarves by the elves in Mirkwood.

  2. Steve Schaper says:

    That would be my guess. Or possibly after their arrival at Lake Town. There is still the Battle of the 5 Armies.

  3. She says she comes in at the tail end of the first one, so….capture of the dwarves, I reckon. She’s “head of the elven guard.”

  4. Told ya!