Riddles in the Dark – A New Podcast on My Middle Earth Radio

To those of you who follow the goings-on at the Mythgard Institute and with Corey Olsen, the Tolkien Professor, it will come as no surprise that Dr. Olsen has teamed up with our own Director of Programming, Dave Kale, to create a brand-new show for us: Riddles in the Dark. (Imagine thunderous applause from all free folk as you read the rest of the details.)


In Riddles in the Dark, Professor Olsen will be talking about The Hobbit movie as well as the book, and answering some of the questions that come up as the Tolkien community anticipates the release of the first film this December. At the end of each episode, both of our passionate and knowledgeable hosts will be making predictions about the movie which will either bring them fame…or shame. And for added fun, other guest predictors will be joining in to up the stakes as the show progresses!

The inaugural episode of this bi-weekly show aired this past Tuesday, January 24 right here on our own My Middle Earth Radio at 10 a.m. EST. Professor Olsen and Dave discussed the Thorin’s genealogy and whether Thrain, Thorin’s father, will appear in the film. Did you miss the first episode? Need to know right now what predictions were set down? Download it on The Tolkien Professor’s iTunes feed or right on Mythgard’s Riddles in the Dark page, where all episodes will be available.

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