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The Road to the Shire’s Documentary Needs Your Help

Official Road to the Shire Press Release:

The journey back to the Shire for the three hobbits of Road to the Shire is almost complete thanks to the support of Tolkien fans across the globe. Now BYU filmmaker/documentarian Kelsie Moore and advertising students, John Storey, Jonathan Wright, and Mitch Stevens are gathering their gear, selecting their favorite walking sticks and flying to New Zealand where they will try to land roles as extras in the upcoming movie The Hobbit.

As we well know it’s been quite the adventure for these hobbits to get back to the Shire. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Road to the Shire is making a documentary of the seven month journey. But they can’t do it alone. Go to  the Road to the Shire’s page and you can choose to donate anything from a dollar to a thousand dollars. Those who sponsor will receive custom Road to the Shire gear, personal interviews with the Hobbits and even credits in the film. Funds raised will help the hobbits with equipment, editing, submissions to film festivals and travel expenses for the upcoming documentary. Also, if you’d like to view the hobbits’ vlogs while they’re in New Zealand go to their YouTube Channel.

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