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Precious Gifts for Your Valentine! Day 2: Flowers, Food, and Drinks

We’re tired of the same old romantic fare on Valentine’s Day. The usual “flowers, chocolates, promises you don’t intend to keep” have become routine. If you want to spice up your Valentine’s Day with Tolkien flair, peruse this guide to flowers, food, and drinks compiled by Middle-earth News reporters Lily and Evie.

Lily’s Picks

In lieu of the traditional bouquet, how about buying your sweetheart these Origami Paper Flowers made from pages from “The Lord of the Rings.” Do it Yourself: You can create your own Tolkien origami flowers using the instructions found here. This is not for the fainthearted; not only will you have to tear pages from your beloved book, but you will have to cut them into squares. I suggest upcycling a disused copy from a used book store. If you don’t care if your flowers have that old book scent, you can also photocopy your favorite pages.
If your beau or ladylove enjoys the Hobbity pastimes of gardening and cooking, why not purchase him or her an Indoor Herb Garden? Do It Yourself: You can easily purchase the seeds or plants desired at a grocery or hardware store. Use red or heart-shaped flower pots for an added romantic touch.
Show your love for Middle-earth by Planting an Ent…erm, tree.  A number of websites offer to plant a tree in your beloved’s name to help with reforestation. Do It Yourself: For a fun couple’s activity, pick out a tree together at a local nursery and plant it in your yard. This website gives an overview of the process. Afterward, treat yourself with some Tolkien-themed sweets and a nice glass of wine or ale.
These Almond Honey Cakes come straight from Beorn’s kitchen and are a tasty Valentine’s treat. Do It Yourself: Use a heart shaped cake pan, along with this recipe for Beorn’s Honey Nut Cakes. I can personally vouch for them.
These Hand-Painted Chocolate Mint Leaves look like they could have fallen in Mirkwood or Lothlórien, and make a perfect after dinner mint. Do It Yourself: Collect some clean, well-shaped leaves that are still pliable. Melt chocolate and add some mint extract. Using a pastry brush, paint the underside of the leaves. Refrigerate until completely cool, then peel the leaf away from the chocolate. Watch this helpful video for tips.

Evie’s Picks

I had hoped to start my Valentine suggestions with breakfast in bed and a hot Kili from the Patisserie Viennoisse in Paris, so imagine my disappointment when I found out the pastry was called “Kifli”.  Unless, maybe, that’s Kili and Fili together…hmmmm!
I love these Elven Champagne Flutes from the Royal Selangor Lord of the Rings collection. I can just imagine Arwen delicately sipping from one.
Alternatively, this Orc Wine Stopper for the man in your life shows you’ve a sense of humour. Both are from Royal Selangor and are made of pewter. The designs are by Dr. Graeme Anthony and Royal Selangor, and the collection of over eighty items is officially licensed by Tolkien Enterprises.

But I’d happily settle for a cosy night in with a couple of amber ales from Argentina. El viejo Hobbit won the Bronze Award for Amber/Red Ale in the 2011 South Beer Cup. Cheers!


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  1. Loved this post!! Brilliant ideas- and Lily, I LOLed at the quote in the first paragraph. I know EXACTLY what movie that’s from. 😉