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Rumoured Hobbit Expansion for LOTRO

Earlier this week, rumour slipped out about a potential Hobbit expansion for Turbine’s popular MMORPG, The Lord of the Rings Online.

The buzz originated on February 6 from Supererogatory’s Twitter feed, Superannuation, whose gaming reports have been deemed highly accurate by fans of the gaming industry. The initial Tweet, in reference to an upcoming Hobbit game, stated: “Unsuccessfully tried to ascertain the developer of The Hobbit game yesterday. Although rumors point to either TT Games or WB Games Seattle.”

“And my understanding is that the first The Hobbit game coming out this holiday has been in development for a good time,” added one follow-up Tweet, with another suggesting that “If TT Games had a Hobbit game, presumably it would be LEGO Hobbit. Only have heard a rumor of a reverent, traditional Hobbit game though.”

And the final Tweet on the matter: “And a rumor of a Hobbit expansion/massive content update for Turbine’s LOTRO.”

While this rumour has been neither confirmed nor denied – when asked, Turbine said they could not comment on rumours – and lacks any links or factual evidence to back the claim, one has to take this story with a grain of salt for the time being.

We’ll be following this rumour as best we can to keep gamers updated! In the meantime, let us know what you think about a Hobbit expansion!

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  1. I’m not sure about a Hobbit expansion unless it had to do with flashback-style instances, given the time frame of LOTRO itself. However, if they decided to fill in that large chunk of empty space between Ered Luin and the Shire, and south of the Shire, THAT would be awesome.

  2. I’m kinda hoping it’s TT with a Lego Hobbit 🙂

    The Lego games are the only ones I play outside of Lotro these days…

  3. I would love, love, love to be see them open up Rhovanion from the Back Door and the Carrock through Northern Mirkwood and into the Lonely Mountain/Dale-lands (maybe even to the Iron Hills?).

    I could see them incorporating a lot of session play into an epic book, maybe with a Hobbit who wished to reenact the adventures of Mad Baggins. There is already some of that with the quests in Goblin-town.

  4. Turbine has stated several time in the past that their license with Tolkien Enterprises doesn’t cover The Hobbit. But this FAQ entry states: “Is The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) based on the movies or the books?
    Turbine owns the rights to produce massively-multiplayer online games based on the written works, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.” So perhaps Warner Brothers’ investment bought the rights to The Hobbit?

    • Dolnor, that FAQ is dated before 2007… so your information is flawed. Yes, you hate to say it but you were Wrrro….wrooo…. mistaken! =)

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