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Weta designer Claire Prebble’s Jewelry is an International Sensation

At only twenty-six, Claire Prebble has some pretty impressive items on her resume. This designer has worked for Weta on and off for five years. During that time she created costumes, weapons, and jewelry for movies like The Hobbit, Avatar, Prince Caspian, and Transformers. At 18, she became the youngest winner of the supreme World of Wearable Art award for Eos, a creation of beads, wire, and silk. She has even interned with Alexander McQueen and couture house Arushi.

In addition to this list of mounting successes, one of Claire’s pieces was requested by Britain’s Love magazine for a December shoot with Kate Moss. Two days later, with the encouragement of Richard Taylor, Claire and her silver jewels were airborne.

Claire’s trip to Britain included a stopover in Dubai, where she reconnected with acquaintances she had made during her Arushi internship. Her jewelry’s appearance on Kate Moss has also sparked more interest; Vogue Italia, for example, has requested that she construct a woven silver corset for an upcoming shoot. Amidst all of this newfound fame, she continues to experiment with her distinctive style. At the moment she is working on a full-body creation in sterling silver and Swarovski crystals. “I want to push myself as far as I can and want to make something purely for the sake of making it.”


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