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Casual Stroll to Mordor Episode 127

IMG_0519This week we talk about a new developer diary on commendations, discuss the update 5.2 patch and buried treasure event, and talk about the announced update 6 known goodies.

This podcast was recorded earlier in the day as we spent the evening at a Lord of the Rings Concert performance! For the record, it was amazing!

This week Goldenstar’s Dum Group is getting very close to the end of Volume 1. We did extra solo stuff together to prevent having homework this week. Goldenstar also reset her skirmish points using the skirmish mark tip from a few weeks ago. She also spent a lot of time in the new Buried Treasure event early this week. In horse news, she got 2 new mounts this week. A Treasure-laden pony in the treasure-hunt and a Steed of Bright Days in the lottery.

Merric did very very little in the treasure-hunt. In fact, he did two rounds on Wednesday morning and then the event shut down. He raided Draigoch and had the beast bug out again but at least it was a new bug. He has started leveling his hunter.

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Recorded February 18, 2012

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