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Tolkien Theme Park to Be Built in Poland

Are you bored of Six Flags? Tired of Disney? Ready for a change from your ho-hum old theme parks? Perhaps next time you get the urge to press into a park with 5,000 strangers, you should give The Country of Ancestors a try.  The Country of Ancestors is a new Tolkien theme park that will appear “soon” in Poland. This reporter has yet to determine whether this is a threat or a promise.

Did I mention that this is a LARPing theme park? It is a LARPing theme park. I’ll allow a minute for that to sink in.


Apparently, a visit to this place will include a massive LARPing experience. Vistiors will enter, pick a character, dress and arm themselves, and go on adventures throughout the day.  “It doesn’t matter that on some day there will be a thousand of magicians and just one dwarf,” claims Poezdka, “it is even more interesting!” There will also be more structured LARPing days, for which guests will have to pre-register to frolic amidst the caves and hobbit holes.

The Country of Ancestors will be built in a region of Poland which is primarily agricultural and industrial, although there are a few historic towns and nature reserves that may also appeal to travelers.

Now whether this makes you gasp in horror or delight, you have to admit – this is a bold move. Would you consider a LARPing, Middle-earth vacation in Poland?

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  1. I’m moving to Poland!!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. Umm…
    I’m not entirely sure how to take this.
    I guess I’ll wait to see how it looks before I pass judgement.

    • Agreed. I kind of think they’ll be kind of off the mark if the park’s planners are as unfamiliar with “J. Tolkien” as our source seemed to be. Magicians? Fairy tale characters? “Look, there’s Amon Sul…. oh and Rapunzel’s tower!”

  3. 5000 LARPers? It’d have to be a pretty big tavern…..

  4. Has anyone thought about safety here?
    I can see a wee hobbit riding a dragon coaster just to have his cloak get snagged on a coaster bar, which sends him flying off into a group of dwarves wearing pointed helmets and carrying spears who fall down onto the fires being tended by a group of Elves who become angered by their “dwarven clumsiness” and proceed to attack everything with a beard and height issues.

    This might be fun after all!

  5. I wouldn’t join in the LARPing but I’d like to go, because I feel like a trip to New Zealand would be either more expensive or a more strenuous journey.

  6. I’m scared. Really.

  7. Hmm…as long as there’s none of this going on should be safe ;p

  8. I am Brotherhood Sorontar. Thank you for being interested in our project about Tolkien Park in Poland;-) If you want, we can inform you about progresses of the project onboard – this is our fb –

    and this is our trailer larp from 2011 –

    Keep one’s fingers crossed !

    Greetings from Poland !