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Casual Stroll to Mordor Episode 129: Captain Roundtable 2012

Captain RoundtableThe Captain Roundtable was recorded on February 19, 2012. This episode is with special guest Captains:

  • Elborigorn of Elendilmir
  • Ketani of Elendilmir
  • Phenyhelm of Landroval
  • Imperius of Landroval

Similar to our past roundtable discussions, this is a lengthy episode but it is full of Captain information. We discuss soloing, grouping, skirmishes, skills, traiting, legendary items and much more!

There’s plenty of information here on what a Captain in Lord of the Rings Online does. There’s great tips for new and experienced players alike!

Some helpful links for this episode:

Unfortunately the only format this is available in is audio. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some of you who would prefer to read.

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