The Lotr Project Gets an Android App!

No more worrying about impressing friends at dinner parties! Emil Johanssen has been hard at work on the long-expected app for the site that’s made him world-famous: The Lord of the Rings Family Tree Project. You can read our interview with Emil here to get all the nerdy, fabulous details of the project.

The app will include everything that is available on the website, plus some additional navigation options. And the design is enough to make this luddite get a smartphone – just look at the textures and icons!

Emil hopes to release this app sometime next week, so watch the @lotrproject Twitter feed for the latest details. Tell your friends, tell your Mom, tell anyone who has an Android to get this must-have app for Tolkien fans. You’ll be supporting someone who’s doing incredible work for all of us! A big thanks to Emil for the exclusive screenshots.


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