Tonight’s Warriors of the Westfold: Tolkien-inspired Musician, Lori Kelley!

Live tonight at 9PM EST on Middle-earth Network Radio we have your Friday favorite, the ‘Warriors of the Westfold’: We welcome special guest Lori Kelley! Lori’s amazing musical talents have recently hit Middle-earth Network Radio’s airwaves and immediately her Tolkien-inspired songs became fan favorites. Join hosts Arwen Kester, Lily Milos, and Oloriel Rudmin as they discuss with Lori what it is that inspired her musical lyrics.

Have you own questions to ask Lori? You can join your hosts Arwen, Lily and Oloriel in Middle-earth Network Radio’s chat room from 9PM EST.

As always we’ll be discussing all the latest news from the week, and what a busy week it has been! With a fantastic special guest, great stories to discuss and perhaps even some Tolkien in the common tongue you’ll want to make sure you join in the fun LIVE from 9PM EST on Middle-earth network radio.

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  1. As Bart Scott would say: “CAN”T WAIT!”