Episode 3 of Stitched Crosses: Crusade – The Audio Drama, “Sir Markus and the Templars”

In Episode 2 of Stitched Crosses: Crusade – The Audio Drama, “Different Horizons”, the house and estates of the Saxons, including that of Markus the Templar, has come under brutal attack by enemies. After being gravely wounded during an invasion of Audaciter Deus Hall, Markus has concluded that he is the reason for the attacks upon Saxon land. Thus it must be the sign that God wants him to journey over the English horizon to that of the Holy Land…

What is next for the English Templar Knight? Tune in Sunday March 11th at 10am & 9pm ET for Episode 3: “Sir Markus and the Templars”! Also the story creator/audioplay writer and Production Director–”JoshGQB”–will be in the chat room during the 9pm broadcast; and member of the cast and crew have been invited also.

Stitched Crosses: Crusade – The Audio Drama is currently available to purchase two ways:

as a 3-disc set from Amazon.com for $31.99
as a digital download exclusively from Audible.com for $17.50

The official soundtrack featuring Joe Harrison’s music from the audio dramatization–plus two tracks by Christian rockers, JPT–is also available as a CD version ($15.99) from Amazon.com or a digital download version from AmazonMP3 ($7.99 for the album, $0.89 for each single track). Official t-shirts and other apparel are also available!

You can get more information about the series and related future products from StitchedCrosses.com

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