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“This Year’s Tolkien Reading Day Theme: 75 Years of ‘The Hobbit'”, says The Tolkien Society

Official Tolkien Society Press Release:
The Tolkien Society is pleased to announce that, in celebration of this momentous year, the theme for this year’s Tolkien Reading Day on 25th March will be “75 years of The Hobbit“.Founded by the Tolkien Society in 2002, Tolkien Reading Day takes place on the 25th March and commemorates the date on which Frodo and the Fellowship were successful in destroying the One Ring and defeating Sauron. This event takes place worldwide an an act of international fellowship in recognition of the achievements of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. Anybody with a copy of his works can take part and it is a great way for children to be introduced to Tolkien’s works for the very first time. So why not sit down for half an hour on Sunday 25th and relax with a chapter from The Hobbit?

Important events of 2012 include Tolkien Reading Day, the 75th anniversary of The Hobbit, and the release of Sir Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, but the highlight for many fans from across the world will be The Return of the Ring – a 5-day event at Loughborough University this summer celebrating J.R.R. Tolkien’s life, works and subsequent adaptations.

Commenting, The Tolkien Society’s Education Secretary Ian Collier said, “Tolkien Reading Day on the 25th March is set to be bigger and better than ever with thousands of people around the world participating in this unique act of recognition of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Tolkien Reading Day kicks off a truly fantastic year which includes the release of the first Hobbit film and The Return of the Ring.”

For more information about Tolkien Reading Day visit: You can find out more about The Tolkien Society and The Return of the Ring by visiting http://www.tolkiensociety.organd

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