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Lord of the Rings-style Map of the United States

For those in the United States who have always wanted to trace the voyages of their lives on one of Tolkien’s maps, your time has come. Redditor Jvlivs has put together a map that casts the States in a fantastical light.

One thing Jvlivs did, according to an i09 article, was eliminate the states in favor of multiple regions that reflect America’s “economic and cultural dynamics” somewhat better. Despite its geographical errors – it has been noted that some cities and states have been strangely placed – the map remains a pretty darn impressive piece of work that can aid the imaginations of Tolkien geeks all over the United States. I, for one, will see my travels to family reunions and holidays in a different light as I trek across the mythical “New England” in my ranger boots, feasting at inns and stoking campfires for preparing mushrooms in the morning…

Check out the links in the i09 article to see the map in its various stages of development.


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