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Casual Stroll to Mordor Episode 132

This week we discuss Update 6 launching, a new dev diary, upcoming warden fixes, the fashion maven and more!

ScreenShot00139Goldenstar’s Dum burglar is now level 56. The Dums successfully ran the Forgotten Treasury this week and have started beating up bosses in the Grand Stair. Goldenstar the minstrel visited Draigoch for the very first time and was successful! The kin also went back into Orthanc and we were successful at clearing the lightening and acid wings!

Merric ran Fangorng and Dragnakh Unleashed. He mastered Westfold Metalsmith. He now has a ful Draigoch set except for the helm but he now has an Orthanc helm so he doesn’t care. Bryandt was nice enough to make him a new pocket item this week.

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Recorded March 17, 2012

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