Tune in Sunday at 9pm EST for a LIVE Tolkien Reading Day Podcast

Once you’ve entered the Tolkien Reading Day photo contest, decided what you’ll be reading all day to celebrate, and planned out all of your elevensies and second breakfasts, you’ll need a way to crown your party plans. We’ve got you covered! Join us at 9pm EST on Sunday, March 25 for a LIVE Tolkien Reading Day podcast.  All of your favorite Middle-earth Network personalities will be there, either on air or in the chat room, to hang out and party, so make sure you’re there! Mark it on your calendar, tattoo it on your forehead, inscribe it on a ring and hang it around your neck, precious. This is going to be a party of special magnificence. (BYOB.)




  1. Sounds like a party!

  2. Let me see, what am I doing Monday…nothing! Whooo! I am come ^^;

  3. Wait a sec, I just realized that this bumps Stitched Crosses! Will the time for that one be moved?

  4. BYOB: Bring Your Own Bilbo.

  5. Bring your own Balrog!

  6. Josh 'Red 84' Radke says:

    I am more than happy/willing to have Episode 5 of Stitched Crosses: Crusade either before or after the podcast! Just let me know so that I can make folks aware 😀

  7. I vote before! I have a feeling TRD could run long. 🙂