Tonight on Warriors of the Westfold: We Talk #SavetheShire Campaign and More

Tune into Middle-earth Network Radio for tonight’s LIVE broadcast of Warriors of the Westfold at 9 PM EST!

Join hosts Arwen Kester, Lily Milos, and Oloriel Rudmin as they discuss Middle-earth Network‘s #savetheshire campaign as well as this week’s top news stories. Tonight’s special guests include  Middle-earth Network’s Director of Operations, Mark Ostley, and Middle-earth News reporter, Mark McBride.

Find out how you can get involved in the campaign. Help stop the Saul Zaentz Company from trademarking “shire” and take a stand against their bullying toward Tolkien-inspired businesses!

As always, you can join in the conversation via the Middle-earth Network Radio chat room. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas!!

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