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Crafting The Hobbit: Crocheted Smaug

If you are, like myself, a bit of a crafty crafter (and I know many Tolkienites are) then have a gander at this recent addition to Instructables. User ChrysN has put together what at first seems a friendly lil’ crocheted version of Smaug, until you LOOK INTO ITS GLOWING EYES and see the FIREY SMOKE issuing from its snout. Stand back hobbits and dwarves alike – this is some terrifying fiber art!

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  1. Freakin’ awesome!

  2. Heh heh, came across this too and thought of you Oloriel, glad you found it!

  3. fingolphin says:

    That is pretty sweet! Now if this person could knit me some Middle-earth jammies/oneseie…