Kylie Leane’s, The Child, Sets Out From GQB This Spring!

Later this Spring, Grail Quest Books, the official publisher of the Middle-earth Network, is excited to present the international debut of The Child, the opening novel in Kylie Leane‘s epic fantasy series, Chronicles of the Children.

Kylie is especially keen to note that the main character, a child, is central to the story’s inspirational and reaffirming themes. “Samuel is small and tiny, indicating that even the smallest glimmer of hope in terrible dark times can cause a ripple of strength to begin to stir,” Kylie explains. “There is woven throughout the story the concept of commitment to a cause, and of racial acceptance. Love is triumphant above all.”

Such a story fits well with those of deep friendship and the importance of small persons caught up in the struggles of a vast world as penned by one of Kylie’s most important influences: J.R.R. Tolkien. “Here was a man who built an entire world on top of a world, a sub-creation, a history, infused with his own languages. This was what I wanted to do. Without a doubt, I had found my hero in Tolkien. Someone to aspire to, and that only fuelled my dreams to create my own realistic worlds.” Tolkien’s good friend, C.S. Lewis, also played an integral role Kylie continues: “He undoubtedly influenced my concepts of heroism, the sacrificial love that fantasy seems to lack these-days. Through Narnia grew my love of having children as central characters, because they always seemed to see the beauty in a dark world. Narnia taught me wonder, the excitement of discovery – both are in my own novels. C.S Lewis was childhood story-telling at its best, showing that you need only hint at concepts and a child’s imagination will do the rest!”

The Child is Australian author Kylie’s first full-length novel. It is Book One in her Chronicles of the Children series. You can read more about this exciting announcement at Grail Quest Books website! You can also follow Kylie’s blog right here at the Middle-earth Network!

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  1. Awesome! I cannot wait to read this! Omedetou Gozaimasu, Kylie!

  2. I predict great things for this novel. Well done!

  3. Hope this really works out, love the concept; all my best wishes. Joe.