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Casual Stroll to Mordor Episode 134

Dum Conga LineThis week we talk about the upcoming festivals, character transfers being closed, weekly store sales, free dye coupon codes and more!

This week in Dum time we weren’t all quite ready to continue on the epic story so we went back into Grand Stair and learned we could do a dum bum drumming conga line! I also attended a play by Mar Vanwa Tyalieva Kinship.

This week Merric did the new 6-man Roots of Fangorn.

During the show we are talking about how Merric and Opa Hobbit haven’t quite yet finished. Well as of writing the show notes, the play set is now done! This structure is Baby Hobbit’s birthday present. Our little angel turns 3 years old on Monday!

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Recorded March 24, 2012

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