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The Wardens of Westmarch Episode 7: Doug Adams!

After many problems and much delay, we have overcome the dark forces and we are back with a vengeance.  The Wardens of Westmarch Episode 7: The Accursed finds us talking fate and free will, Legolas and Tauriel issues, and, most excitingly, we chat with Mr. Doug Adams, author of the book The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films in The Golden Perch.

The Wardens of Westmarch is the official podcast of The Council of Westmarch, a Tolkien community serving the Montana, U.S. and surrounding areas.  The podcast is hosted by Danbo Brandybuck; President of The Council of Westmarch, and endeavors to bring to listeners the latest Hobbit-movie news, book discussion, collectibles reviews, special guest interviews, the latest happenings within the CofW and world of Tolkien fandom in general, etc.; a virtual smorgasbord of Tolkien-related goodness.  Visit the official Council of Westmarch site for shownotes and more.

The Wardens of Westmarch airs every Tuesday on Middle-earth Network Radio at 2am, 11am, and 7pm EST with new episodes airing every two weeks.

Music for The Wardens of Westmarch by Lonely Mountain Band.

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  1. Great show and always great to hear from Doug!

  2. fingolphin says:

    Thanks Mark! And yeah, Doug is a great guy!