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TFI 26: Skyrim Songs And Shenanigans

It’s an all Skyrim night as we are joined by two very special guests: Malukah — who’s incredibly beautiful folk-fantasy Skyrim cover songs have gained upwards of 10,000,000 views on YouTube, and Joe “The Widgit” Wilson of the massively popular podcast, Skyrim Off The Record on the Quest Gaming Network – who came on the show to talk with Malukah and the founders, as well as to announce the brand new partnership between Quest Gaming Network and Middle-earth Network. This is an episode that no Skyrim fan will want to miss! Of course we covered news regarding our “Save the Shire” campaign and our Long Expected Journey to New Zealand, as well as other network news.

The Founders’ Inklings is the show where a group of the founders of Middle-earth Network share news and views; we highlight network friends, invite special guests, and give you an inside view of the entire Middle-earth Network and its various community projects. And we invite you to participate in the show via the “Live Event” chatroom at, or meet us inside the Bird & Baby in Michel Delving on the Landroval server in Lord Of The Rings Online each Tuesday night at 10pm, Eastern Time.

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Theme song, Prancing Pony by Marc Gunn.


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  1. Was a packed house last night. Thanks to Joe ‘The Widget’ Wilson and the ever charming Malukah for being the people they are! And of course to all of our co-producers in the chat room 🙂