Narnia News on Tonight’s Founders’ Inklings

Tonight we’ll be joined by Paul Martin, the Founder of Narnia Fans.  We’ll be talking latest network news, clues, and our recent poll.  All the usual fun we have for TFI!

Scratching our head to come up with a great show on the heels of last weeks guests Malukah and the lads from Quest Gaming Network, plus the big news that Quest Gaming Network was bringing both their podcast and their site over to Middle-earth Network, well, we knew we had to bring Paul Martin on tonight’s show.

So stay tuned for our usual fun and frivolity, but also for an important Narnia announcement!  Show begins at 10PM EST and join us in the chat room on mymeradio.us about 30 minutes before hand for our pre-show.


  1. I might end up missing the end of the show but I’ll be around long as I can…I’d much rather listen to you guys than have my brain scanned XD

    • You should ask them once they are done if they have seen any mountains, or funny little green people run around on the images they took… 😀 I so would. XD

      — 😉 Hang in there!

      • Hmmm, I should have asked that shouldn’t I – would have made the narky old lady’s day 😀
        I am hanging, as best as I can – thanks Kas. ^^

    • Are they attempting to discover the secret of your awesomeness? 🙂

      • That is possible – but I actually think they’re onto my super cool telepathic mutation and are trying to get me to contact Professor X… ;p