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Michael Tolkien Signs Two-book Contract with Thames River Press

Via our friend Josh comes this exciting tidbit of news: Michael Tolkien, grandson of Professor J.R.R. Tolkien, has signed up to publish two books through Thames River Press. Entitled “Wish” and “Rainbow”. Thames River Press has provided us with the following descriptions of the books, which are scheduled for release this year:

WISH was inspired by Florence Bone’s fantasy story for children, The Rose-Coloured Wish (1923). Telling the story of two children who set out to use an evil enchanter’s wishing chain of stones to save their alpine valley, only to fall into trouble, the book was read to Michael in the 40s and 50s as a child, and he in turn read it to his own children. Tolkien decided to pay tribute to the now-neglected tale and to “recreate the spirit of the original in new dress” through a verse retelling.

RAINBOW is based on Florence Bone’s children’s fantasy novel The Other Side of the Rainbow (1910). Michael adapts its themes, characters and journey into a world beyond, which is not whimsical and wayward but conceived as an extension of everyday experience, with added ingredients to make this an exploration of the gift of wonder, the power of selfless love to make lasting changes, deceptive appearances, and the energies of the living world. Grace’s unpredictable and often ‘diverted’ travels towards the mythical havens of Rainbow Garden, Bridge and Palace become a kind of ‘pilgrim’s progress.’

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