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Tonight on ‘The Founders’ Inklings’: We Celebrate LOTRO’s 5 Year Anniversary

This Tuesday on The Founder’s InklingsLive on Middle-earth Network Radio at 10pm EST, join Mark Ostley, John Di Bartolo, Arwen “The Hammer” Kester, Tyler Michael Jonsson and Michael Kaiser as they bring you some upcoming news for the Network!

This week, the Founders will be talking all things Lord of the Rings Online in celebration of the game’s 5th anniversary! Don’t forget, thirty minutes prior to The Founder’s Inklings recording, at 9:30pm EST, the Founders hold a special Q&A Session with those in the Middle-earth Network Radio Chatroom. They will be Live on the Radio, but this special section will not make it into the final podcasted version. So show up early, and come prepared to ask that question that you have been holding on to for such an occasion as this!

The Founders’ Inklings is the show where a group of the founders of Middle-earth Network share news and views; we highlight network friends, invite special guests, and give you an inside view of the entire Middle-earth Network and its various community projects. And we invite you to participate in the show via chatroom  or meet us inside the Bird & Baby in Michel Delving on the Landroval server in Lord Of The Rings Online each Tuesday night at 10pm, Eastern Time.

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  1. I will soooooooo be there tonight!

  2. I will be listening in while at work but can’t join the chat fun… *pout*