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The Quest Gaming Network releases new podcast series Minecraft Off the Record and Diablo Off the Record!

New episodes of MinecraftOTR are recorded Sundays at 7pm EST at their livestream site, episode 2 will be availalbe at their website by this posting and also on iTunes!
New episode of DiabloOTR are recorded Fridays at 7pm EST at the same livestream site as well. Episode 1 is now available at their site as well as iTunes!
New times for SkyrimOTR and Star WarsOTR are as follows! SkyrimOTR will now be recorded Wednesdays at 7pm EST and posted on their new website and Star WarsOTR, which has been climbing in ratings since new hosting has taken over the show, is moving up to Thursdays at 7pm. Each show is recorded live at their livestream site and available on iTunes!
You can follow each show on twitter:
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