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Long-Expected Locations: Matamata & The Shire

Our first day on-location will take us to one of the most well-known of all peaceful lands: Sûza!

…Never heard of it? Sûza is the untranslated name of the Hobbits’ domain in their own tongue: better recognized in ours as The Shire. Rolling hills (some set with doors) and rich agricultural fields are trademark of this country, represented in Peter Jackson’s films by those of Matamata. The Shire was taken by the Fallohides and Harfoots (with permission from King Argeleb II of Arthedain) during the Third Age from the abandoned land that had passed from Arnor to Arthedain previously: unoccupied despite its fertility.

From there, the Shire became what we know it as: a land largely untroubled by the goings-on of the world outside, of pipe-weed and gardens, where a diminutive people roam barefoot and call one of their own ‘kuduk’ (hobbit).

Want more? Come see the Shire with us or read the full version of this article!

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  1. theviking says:

    Huh, I did’t even realize that Hobbits had their own tongue. Makes sense though.