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Middle-earth Network is proud to announce the launch of its new publishing arm, Oloris Publishing. This independent publishing house is dedicated to publishing exceptional works of fiction and non-fiction that will deeply engage readers across a variety of genres.

Oloris Publishing is a dynamic venture that seeks to expand the vision of traditional publishing by welcoming and showcasing vibrant, new voices and embracing various media for their expression. We believe that the publishing process should be a true collaboration, in which our authors and illustrators are very involved so that their own voices truly shine. Our editors are also committed to ensuring that the highest editorial standards are consistently being met. All of us at Oloris Publishing are honoured to work with our authors and we have a deep love and respect for all the titles that we are privileged to release.

Our vision at Oloris Publishing is in line with that of Middle-earth Network to inspire the world we live in by sharing the world we have in common. Our intention is for Oloris Publishing to become synonymous with exceptional publications and sparkling new voices. We hope to constantly earn the trust and respect of our authors and illustrators, and our readers, in order to become a well-recognized source of inspiring, fresh, and engaging literature.

Mark Ostley, Director of Operations for Middle-earth Network, on Oloris Publishing: “The debut of Oloris Publishing is the tangible result of our commitment to produce new and original content for a community of worldwide individuals who have long been kept from discovering a wealth of stories that really matter. Too often in the past, the publishing world has been lead by an outdated and obsolete business model where the reader is fed content based on marketing statistics. It’s a model that is predatory to authors and often provides mediocre content for readers and fans.

We are both excited and honored to announce the creation of Oloris Publishing, spearheaded by Silver Leaves Editor, Lara Sookoo, as the official Middle-earth Network publishing label. Oloris will further enrich our partnership with Grail Quest Books, and allow greater resources and collaborations that will benefit fans and readers everywhere.”

Oloris Publishing’s inaugural title is Seer: A Wizard’s Journal, a book by artist and writer Jef Murray. This title will be available in May 2012. More information on this release will be available soon on Middle-earth News, and via our social media channels:

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Readers can expect a new listing of titles from Oloris Publishing to be released later this year.

Oloris Publishing is a subsidiary of Middle-earth Network, LLC.

For more information please contact:

L. Lara Sookoo

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  1. Can’t wait for the book!!
    And wow, this is amazing and just really inspiring news!
    I really look forward to seeing what comes next.

  2. Josh 'Red 84' Radke says:

    The suffocating atmosphere created by the forces of Mordor that threatened all the peoples of Middle-earth could not be overcome by one country or people but by a strong alliance of the countries representing all the Free Peoples of Middle-earth; the Gondor, Dwarven, Rohan, Shire, and Elvish realms would all be needed as the War of the Ring raged to its eventual crescendo.

    In the spirit of that great alliance, we here at GQB are thrilled to have the banner of “the swan and star” joining “the knight and grail” on the battlefront lines of publishing 😀

    Ever Onward!

  3. All the very best with the new venture, really looking forward to following. Wishing you every success, Joe.

  4. Why am it not suprised. All your acting could only lead to this. Thank you for the writers. And thank you for the readers (me!): i am sur i will find there enough to fill my need of dreams

  5. theviking says:

    Why do I increasingly get the feeling that the real goal is to save the world? 🙂
    And I am totally on board with that!