TFI 32: Double Suitcase Solution

We’re joined by Magnus at Weta Workshop, who gives us an inkling (no pun intended) of what you can expect to see at the Weta Cave during our Long Expected Journey to New Zealand, and world famous photographer Ian Brodie – our intrepid guide on said adventure – who teaches us the double-suitcase solution. Plus Mr. Paul Martin of Narnia Fans.

We honor Defenders of Middle-earth: Kylie, Tupalev, Bandoras, LCApplewood, Victoria, and Niggleleaf.

Featured Website Spotlight: The Dwarrow Scholar – for all your Dwarven lore needs.

The Founders’ Inklings is the show where a group of the founders of Middle-earth Network share news and views; we highlight network friends, invite special guests, and give you an inside view of the entire Middle-earth Network and its various community projects. And we invite you to participate in the show via the “Live Event” chatroom atMyMeRadio.us, or meet us inside the Bird & Baby in Michel Delving on the Landroval server in Lord Of The Rings Online each Tuesday night at 10pm, Eastern Time.

Theme song, Prancing Pony by Marc Gunn.

Click here to download and listen!

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