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Sean Astin and LOTR on ‘Hollywood Treasure’

If you happen to have seen a commercial for The SyFy Channel’s show, Hollywood Treasure, you probably recognized some memorabilia from your favorite fandoms. Tonight, during the season premiere, Sean Astin will be showing off some of his props from The Lord of the Rings!

According to, Sean Astin collaborated with show host Joe Maddalena to spruce up his football helmet from Rudy. When he was approached about the show, he was “a little wary” because he “didn’t want to sell anything.” Then he learned that the show wasn’t just about acquiring and selling collectibles. “It’s also about appreciating the nature of the memorabilia, where it comes from and why it’s so meaningful to people,” he said.

In addition to holding on to keepsakes from the films he’s worked on, he treasures the gifts he has received from Lord of the Rings fans. “I have tons of poems and drawings and songs and DVDs, little dolls dressed up as Samwise,” he said. “I feel like it’s wrong to throw that away.”

EW has a video preview of tonight’s show, but make sure to watch SyFy’s Hollywood Treasure for the full episode.

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