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Tonight on Warriors of the Westfold: ‘The Hobbit’ Premiere and PJ’s 7th Production Vlog

Tune into Middle-earth Network Radio at 9 PM EST for tonight’s LIVE broadcast of Warriors of the Westfold!

Join hosts Arwen KesterOloriel Rudmin, and Lily Milos as they talk ‘The Hobbit’ Wellington Premiere and Peter Jackson’s 7th behind the scenes production vlog. Joining the warriors tonight is special guest and fellow news reporter, James Spahn, aka Bandoras! As always, they will be bringing you up to date on this week’s top news stories brought to you by the Middle-earth News team.

Don’t forget! The Warriors have made the LOTR Film Trivia questions a permanent part of the show, so tune in and join in the the fun via the Middle-earth Network Radio chat room.

Warriors of the Westfold conquers the the latest breaking news to hit Middle-earth each Friday at 9pm EST right here, on Middle-earth Network Radio.

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One Comment

  1. I watched the Peter Jackson blog when it was released. Got me even more excited to see the movie (if that is possible). They really look like they are having fun filming.

    Can’t wait for tonight’s episode!