Casual Stroll to Mordor Episode 146

Steam PonyThis week we talk about The Riders of Rohan announcements, information and pre-order information.

This week’s episode starts off with guest Locney Esgal from the Lonely Mountain Band giving us some tips to help make next week’s Weatherstock performance the most enjoyable. For written tips see this forum post!

Goldenstar’s Dum group went to Fil Gashan this week and crushed it. Dum members believe either Fil Gashan has been nerfed or the Dums are like super awesome. I think we are just awesome. She’s given up on getting a Jester’s steed for the Spring festival.

Merric has been playing with his Warden in Moria.

See full show notes on our blog!


Recorded June 9, 2012

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