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2013 Tolkien Calendar Features Illustrations by Alan Lee and John Howe

The 2013 Tolkien Calendar

Even though John Howe and Alan Lee have been busy working as conceptual artists for The Hobbit films, it seems they have found time to collaborate on the official 2013 Tolkien Calendar.

According to our friend Peter Collier at the Tolkien Library, this year’s calendar is all about The Hobbit. and it will include exclusive, brand-new illustrations as well as classic works by both artists. Each month will feature a different scene from The Hobbit, such as Bilbo outside of Bag End, the Great Goblin, Bilbo’s front hall, and Smaug the dragon.

The calendar is now available for pre-order on and


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  1. Wow, that looks awesome. Need to get paid first, however 🙁 I’ve spent too much money on iTunes music. Hopefully it’ll still be available in a couple of weeks or so. There’s also a cool looking “Song of Ice and Fire” one available if you scroll down on the Amazon page. Different artist of course but very cool for all the ASoIaF/GoT fans out there. It’ll be tough choosing but I’ll probably go with “The Hobbit” if it’s not sold out or something by the beginning of July.