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Bladesmithing: An Arctic Fire Ignites in Middle-earth!

The Middle-earth Network is proud to announce the launch of the website!

John Di Bartolo, Director Special Projects at the Middle-earth Network, is always looking for exclusive and treasured friends to join the Network and share their unique content with us. Speaking of how the project came about, John says:

“I had been working on another secret project with my friend Dave DelaGardelle, formerly of Mad Dwarf Workshop, and he mentioned that he was going to be attending Arctic Fire 2012 Hammer-in Invitational in Alaska.  Once I learned what that event was, I knew we had to sponsor Arctic Fire and broadcast it live for our community.  Dave put me in contact with Dave Stephens and we got the project rolling.”

Bladesmith David DelaGardelle, formerly of Mad Dwarf Workshop

Middle-earth Network then created a dedicated site for Arctic Fire, where they could share the event with MyMiddleEarth members and the whole world.  The Arctic Fire crew was already planning a Ustream feed, which the Network has embedded on the new website.  In fact, there is a great teaser video there now for viewers to enjoy.  This is a great opportunity for aspiring bladesmiths to get a firsthand view of pro bladesmiths at work.

Arctic Fire Organizer & Bladesmith, Dave Stephens

Arctic Fire is an invitational gathering of some of the most talented bladesmiths alive that is being held June 26 and 27, 2012 in Anchorage Alaska. The goal of the gathering is to help raise general awareness of the art and craft of bladesmithing, and advance the craft by inspiring others to try their hand at making a blade. This event will be broadcast live via Webcast and Middle-earth Network Radio. The presenters will be demonstrating various bladesmithing techniques and examples of their work.  There will be a dedicated chatroom for viewers at MyMiddle-earth, and the producers are currently working on other ways viewers & bladesmiths can interact during the event.

Middle-earth Network has a vision of bringing these important and ancient crafts to its membership and the world of fantasy fans.  On that level there are more special plans in the works for those who would love to learn the art of bladesmithing! Stay tuned for more news on that front.

Share the new, or simply with all of your friends interested in the art of the bladesmith, crafting, fantasy, or weaponry in general!

Arctic Fire is sponsored by the members of, and the Middle Earth Network. For full details of the event – stay tuned to & the Middle-earth Network.

See you amidst the Arctic Fire on June 26th & 27th!

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  1. Amazing! Went in and looked at the recorded UStream and it’s like watching History Channel right here on Middle-earth Network! Only better 🙂

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  3. Modern day swordsmiths…really impressive! Can I put my order in now for Glamdring or Sting? ;p

  4. would love to own and learn how! *needs to look in my area*

  5. I am curious where in Anchorage is the Arctic Fire Hammer-Invitational being broadcast from. I live in Palmer AK. Thank you.

    Mark Couch
    Alaska Forge

  6. Mark,

    The event will be held at the my shop and the shop of my neighbor and fellow craftsman, Shane Harvey. We’re located in South Anchorage near the Zoo.

    Unfortunately, since we have live broadcasts going from 9AM to 6PM every day of the event, we’re what they call a “closed set.”

    I’d love to meet you at some point and exchange ideas.


    Dave Stephens

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