Bladesmithing Live Alert! Today 6:30pmEST…

This just in from Bladesmith Dave Stephens:

Today I’ll be presenting: An Introduction to Swords, Daggers and Knives.  I will be covering nomenclature, and the basic process of making swords, and introducing the tools we use in their construction.  I’ll also be discussing common misconceptions, myths and urban legends surrounding swords. 

I’m hoping this intro will help members of the Middle Earth Network better understand the presentations given at Arctic Fire.”

You can watch the stream right here on the Middle-earth Network via Arctic Fire’s Ustream feed:  http://arcticfire.mymiddleearth.com/live-broadcast/



  1. Had trouble finding it, I assumed it would be on the radio. I am having a derpy day I guess. *derp*

  2. Glad I got the tail-end of it. Had I known, I would have put my final papers on hold and watch all of it! Will there be a replay stream later?

  3. Good news friends – we now have a media archive page for Arctic Fire: http://arcticfire.mymiddleearth.com/media-archive/