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A Very Gondorian Wedding

While searching through the archives, a Middle-earth News intern stumbled across some very interesting video footage of coverage of Arwen and Aragorn’s wedding. Our own Gwanod of Dol Amroth reported live from Minas Tirith with interviews about the fashions, the celebrities, and the political and financial worries of the citizens.

We also uncovered some advertisements for Royal Wedding Memorabilia.

Items like these were so popular, that they sold out immediately.

We’ll keep our intern searching the archives for other footage of famous events. What did you think of this glimpse into Middle-earth’s history?


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  1. 😀 This is so great Lily! I loved it ^^;

  2. What great costumes! And that was fun 😀

  3. lilymilos says:

    Thanks, guys! We had a great time making it…erm…I mean, unearthing the footage. 😉

  4. The Chadillac says:

    Well done!

  5. That’s such an innovative idea! Love this!