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Hobbit Cast on Stage with Sir Ian

The cast of  The Hobbit joined Sir Ian McKellen on stage for his one-man show in Wellington last night.  Sir Ian has been spending his weekends touring New Zealand with his show in order to raise money for the earthquake damaged  Isaac Theatre Royal in Christchurch.

This week the show was in Wellington, so Peter Jackson and all of the cast stepped up to give their support.  They collected money in buckets in the foyer, appeared on stage and posed for photos to help raise funds.

I know we all wish we’d been there, so here’s a video to give a taste of what we missed.


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  1. lilymilos says:

    Those lucky folks get to say they acted onstage alongside Ian McKellen!

  2. I’ve seen this scene done once before during a Shakespeare troupe that travelled from high school to high school showing students that Shakespeare wasn’t boring. They had a slew of students go on stage and do the “death” scene. The scene is from Two Gentlemen from Verona. Possibly one of the best comedic pieces Shakespeare ever wrote.

    What a treat to see this again with Sir Ian and his make-shift troupe of players.