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First ‘Hobbit’ Merchandise Available From Weta!

We’ve all been not-so-patiently waiting for the announcement from Weta Workshop of their first Hobbit merchandise. Consider the wait over! They have just unveiled their first two pieces that will be available for purchase at Comic-Con next week.

The first is a polystone statue of Thorin Oakenshield (with his shield). This is a limited edition; there are only 700 pieces. The first 500 will be available at San Diego Comic-Con, and the remaining 200 will be reserved for Ring*Con in Germany and to be sold at the Weta Cave.

If you can’t make it to any of those places, don’t worry! Starting in October, there will be another version (sadly, without the shield) in stock at Weta’s online store. The price for the figure with the shield is $249.

The second piece is an art print of Bilbo Baggins outside the door to his home in The Shire, looking toward adventures in the distance. The print is by Weta Workshop Conceptual Designer Gus Hunter. 100 signed copies will be procurable at Comic-Con for $60. The remaining 400 are unsigned, and lucky Con-goers can buy one (or two, but that’s the limit) for $50.

Again, when October comes around, this print will also be available online.

What do you think of these first two offerings? Do they satisfy your Hobbit hunger? What other items would you like to see from Weta?

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  1. That price is frighteningly high. I’d like a nice smial diorama and/or Bag End bookends, but at prices more like for LOTR.

    • Having dealt in the market of collectibles of that nature in the past, those prices are not actually that bad considering the low piece counts of the items and the enormity of the IPs involved.

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