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CONFIRMED: UK Release Date for ‘The Hobbit’ is 14 December

We’re delighted to announce that the release date for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in the UK is 14th December 2012.

After an anxious few days of waiting for confirmation from New Line, a spokesperson from the Film Distributors’ Association quoted to us,

“I have been in touch with Warner Bros. today and the release date is 14th December.”

So the UK is, once again, very much in line with other countries.

Back in May we covered how The Hobbit will be released across the world. You can check the current dates for your country here and we will keep you up to date with any changes. We can only sympathise with our friends in Australia, Iceland, Colombia and Poland who have a long wait ahead of them.

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  1. brandonyoung says:

    Very nice!

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  3. This was our class reader in primary school years ago in South Africa. I’m literally shaking with the thought of watching it watching it on the BIG SCREEN in a few days.

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