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Episode 150: Aliens Cracking Knuckles

icon_alien2This week we talk about the videos Turbine released this week, LOTRO no longer on Gaikai, store sales and more!

Goldenstar’s Dum group went into Dark Delving this week and reports some difficulty with the second boss but did get him! Her old captain back on Gladden won a steed of night. While without internet service after a big storm, Goldenstar has been playing Skyrim.

Merric this week leveled up his captain and has gotten him to level 52 and is in the Deep Descent. He is liking the Moria revamp that he’s experienced.

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Recorded July 7, 2012

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One Comment

  1. ROFL! Diseased bears hair cut for the dogs.

    BTW Merric, I still have one or two working VCRs. I also still have a working cassette deck from the 70s.