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LEGO ‘Hobbit’ Figures to be Revealed at Comic-Con

At this week’s Comic-Con, held in San Diego, LEGO will be unveiling its ‘Hobbit’-themed sets and figures, which will launch on December 1 – just in time for the film’s December 14 release.

photo: The Hollywood Reporter

USA Today also reported that those attending the San Diego convention will have the opportunity to check out two life-sized LEGO models – one a 6 foot tall, 100 pound Bilbo (Martin Freeman) consisting of 21,112 LEGO bricks; and the other a 170 pound, over 6 foot Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellen) comprised of 34,307 bricks.

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  1. A six-foot tall Bilbo made out of Legos (while, cool) doesn’t sound really life-sized, to me.

  2. Wow.Can’t wait for the sets!

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