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Comic Con to see The Hobbit in 24 fps

Hobbit fans attending Comic Con this week, hoping for a glimpse of The Hobbit in 3D and 48 frames per second, are going to be disappointed. In an interview with herocomplex Peter Jackson has revealed that the film will be shown at Comic Con in the standard 2D and 24 fps.

Jackson said, “I think it’s more about protecting the downside, rather than helping the film in any significant way. There is a huge audience waiting to see “The Hobbit,” and any positive press from Comic-Con will truthfully have little impact on that. However, as we saw at CinemaCon earlier this year, with our 48 frames per second presentation, negative bloggers are the ones the mainstream press runs with and quotes from. I decided to screen the “Hobbit” reel at Comic-Con in 2-D and 24 frames per second, so the focus stays firmly with the content and not the technical stuff. If people want 3-D and 48fps, that choice will be there for them in December.”

Whilst I understand what he means, I do feel a little deflated by the news. I was hoping for some very positive feedback, now people are aware that their senses are going to be challenged. Like many fans, I’m excited by the new format and just want to see what it’s like! But Peter Jackson is going to keep us all waiting until December for that.



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  1. Completely understand though… all the more reason to see it in December 😉