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12 Minutes of Hobbit Footage: A Recap

For those of us who were sadly far, far away from Comic Con, the wait to hear exactly what was in the mysterious twelve minutes of footage shown by Peter Jackson at the Hobbit panel has been painful. Of course the video of the panel did not include any hint as to what was included. What’s a far-off fan to do?

We are impatient, Precious…

Thankfully, Adam Chitwood from Collider has come to our rescue with a fabulously detailed account of the minutes we missed! Enjoy.

  • The opening clip was the longest of the bunch, as we saw Gandalf, Bilbo and the dwarves all together at Bag End arguing over how to go about reclaiming what is theirs from the dragon Smaug.  There was a great deal of humor sprinkled throughout, with Freeman getting the biggest laughs for his reluctance to join the dwarves on their journey.
  • The footage then went to a short montage that featured Rivendell, Christopher Lee as Saruman, and Fry as Master of Laketown.
  • We then saw a great scene that showed Gandalf getting into the action with his sword/staff combo, followed later by a lower energy—but no less exciting—scene between Gandalf and Galadriel (played by Cate Blanchette).  It’s a sweet and touching scene between the two, with Galadriel acting as a reassuring presence for Gandalf.
  • Next was a wonderful scene between Bilbo and Gollum.  Though it’s only been 9 years since The Return of the King, the amazing advances in visual effects are evident with this newly rendered Gollum.  He looks gorgeous and even more lifelike than before.  It also appears that they’ve done some subtle work to make him look younger than he does in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which is a nice touch.  Bilbo and Gollum participated in the “Game of Riddles,” and laughs were abundant.
  • We then saw a scene between Gandalf and Bilbo with the former telling Bilbo that he’s changed and isn’t the same person that left The Shire.  Bilbo handles The Ring in his pocket while trying to decide if he should tell Gandalf about it, before simply saying that he “found courage.”
  • The last sequence was a montage of great-looking action scenes (likely from the second film) that showed the trolls, a quick look at Evangeline Lilly’s character, and a fantastic shot of Orlando Bloom as Legolas drawing an arrow and aiming at the group of dwarves.  Cue crowd going wild.
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  1. Thanks for the info!

  2. Cool, but why do I get the feeling they’re going to turn Gandlaf into some insecure whiner?