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An Eagle’s View of Middle-earth

You can show your Lord of the Rings pride and your love of the Olympics with this great new t-shirt on Redbubble. (Arwen Kester)

  • BBC Radio 4 will be broadcasting Tolkien in Love, the story of the young J.R.R. Tolkien falling in love with Edith Bratt. The half-hour program is presented by novelist Helen Cross. Catch it at 11:00am GMT on August 3 on Radio 4. (Lily Milos)

LEGO has released this photo of their new Hobbit Memory Game to be released in September. “The world of The Hobbit comes alive in a whole new way with this fun LEGO Board Game! Build the board yourself, then put your brain to the test to help find the missing dwarves in Hobbiton. In this cool twist on the classic memory game, you’ll use clues from beloved characters like Gandalf the Grey and the hobbits of the Shire to figure out the dwarves’ location.” (Rifflo)

  • The Atlantic delved into Tolkien’s idea of technology, or as he put it, “The Machine.” Author Alan Jacobs attributes much of the contemporary literary emphasis on technology as a darker force to Tolkien’s works. (Lily Milos)

It seems fans at Comic-Con aren’t the only ones who want to see The Silmarillion on the screen. Check out this fan-made trailer for the movie we’ll be lucky to ever see. Wouldn’t this be wonderful if true? (Rifflo)


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