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Life in NZ is Bloomin’ Marvellous

Filming The Hobbit was a big project, taking some 18 months to complete so, understandably, many of the actor’s families decamped to New Zealand too, including Orlando Bloom’s wife, model Miranda Kerr and son Flynn.

Orlando’s role as Legolas meant he was in New Zealand for some 7 months and Miranda Kerr has been talking to The New York Times about family life in Wellington.

The family lived in an airy house that overlooks Wellington Harbour. It was lent to them by one of the films producers and was where Orlando had celebrated his 22nd birthday whilst filming The Lord of the Rings.

Miranda visited the set of The Hobbit most days when she wasn’t working. She said,

“There’s a cafeteria where everyone eats lunch, and they’re all in full makeup, so you see these poor Orcs trying to eat without ruining their costumes. For Orlando, it’s easier. He just has the blond wig and the pointy ears.”

The couple appreciated the New Zealander’s relaxed approach to celebrity and found they could go out without anyone paying them too much attention.  Some of their favourite haunts were the Maranui Cafe, an easy-going restaurant in a historic lifeguarding school; Red Rocks Scientific Reserve, a desolate stretch of beach with volcanic rocks; and the Hill Street Farmers’ Market.

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