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Return of the Ring! Live!

If you want the flavor of actually being at the Return of the Ring Conference at Loughborough University, England, our intrepid Guinness sipping Co-Founder John DiBartolo, is there and broadcasting live as time and places allow.

The Return of the Ring has been billed as the ‘best Tolkien related conference ever’, and I think we all agree. Hat’s off to Shaun Gunner (UK Tolkien Society Trustee), and the rest of the people involved who are making this so!

We were able to do an unannounced test earlier and the results were fantastic, and some of us who were on MyMiddle-earth, at the time, were able to watch the auction live!

John’s planning on broadcasting more live feed tomorrow during the day, starting out sometime Sunday morning here in the States. To view the live feed just go to our hastily constructed MyMiddle-earth live page and join us in the chat! Well done John!



  1. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, and Facebook as we’ll be announcing when a live feed is going to happen.

  2. Indeed, well done to Shaun Gunner and the rest of the Committee, and all of the volunteers! It has been a great conference so far!