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Get Your Hobbit On: Slippers, Keychains, and More!

As the time draws closer to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey theatre premiere (December 14, 2012) we’re beginning to see more and more Hobbit-inspired merchandise pop up on the web. Most items are only available for pre-order, but there’s no harm in bulking up those wish lists, now is there? Below, Arwen and Lily have listed some of their favorites and fails. Let us know your opinion in the comment section!

Forbidden Planet’s Thorin’s Key Necklace:

Arwen: Even though this necklace is only available for pre-order at the moment, it is a must have for any Hobbit fan. Unlike other Thorin Key replicas out there, this one is the spitting image of the one Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) is holding in the new Hobbit Calendar … and it’s actually affordable. Not one for necklaces? Forbidden Planet has a Thorin’s Key Keychain.


Forbidden Planet’s Hobbit Logo Keychain

Lily: At first I was really excited about this keychain, but that is mainly due to the fact that I read “Logo” as “Lego.” So I thought this was going to be the Hobbit logo printed on a LEGO piece on a keychain. I know, you want one now, too, right? Actually, this keychain is simply metal and bears the logo of the first film, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It looks heavy, too, but if you’re into collecting every piece of a film’s related merchandise, then have at it and carry your keychain proudly!

Arwen: Speaking of Keychains, Forbidden Planet also sells a Gandalf’s Rune Keychain and unfortunately this is something that will not be on my wishlist. It looks as if they took a still of Bag End’s door and Gandalf’s rune and slapped it on a keychain. But, in doing so, they’ve made it rather small and visually hard to make out quite what it is. Had they made the rune a bit more distinguishable I might have been tempted.

Forbidden Planet’s Hobbit Badge Pins Set A and Set B:

Lily: In addition to necklaces and keychains, Forbidden Planet is also offering Hobbit pins! Each set includes 4 pins, but Set A is definitely my favorite of the two. Set A features two character pins – Bilbo in Bag End and Gandalf bringing the sunshine to the trolls. The pins I really love are the Hobbit logo over a map of Middle-earth and The Lonely Mountain with Smaug flying overhead (the same iconic image from the map of the dwarves.)


Set B includes another pin with the Hobbit logo (but without a map), a pin version of that Gandalf rune keychain that Arwen “loves” so much, and the customary image of Bilbo stepping out his front door. The best one in this set is the runes from the map of the dwarves. It roughly translates to, “Five feet high the door and three may walk abreast. Th. Th.”

Think Geek’s Plush Halfling Slippers:

Arwen: Is it possible to be in love with Hobbit feet?? Because these slippers are made out of pure awesome. Soft, cuddly, and Hobbity! As the site says, “Have hairy feet and be adorable, not gross”. I agree entirely, Think Geek, well done!

So, just what could you do with these Halfling Slippers? Check it out! They’ve got their very own video. It. Made. My. Day.

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  1. want want want want want!

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  3. I have the Thror’s key that Badali makes. I really like it a lot, it’s very well made. It’s licensed through the books instead of the movie, that’s whey they are different. Probably will get the movie one too.