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Happy Birthday, Stephen Fry!

Stephen Fry is 55 today!

To celebrate Stephen’s birthday we have something rather special; a portrait of Stephen by artist Ross Watson.

Ross Watson painted Stephen with his beloved ipad, whilst Stephen was in New Zealand for the filming of The Hobbit, inwhich he plays the Master of Laketown.

Talking about the portrait Stephen said,

“Ross – I am completely astonished by this wonderful work.

Firstly, your generosity in terms of talent and time for the Terrence Higgins Trust is a gift so supreme it cannot be properly expressed.

Secondly, for me to be involved, to be inside a colour and texture world so perfectly rendered, so wittily transformed to suit me, and so accurate without being cruel, is an honour I shall never forget.”


Ross’s portrait of Stephen will be on display at The Gallery Redchurch Street, London from 25 September to 7 October. The exhibition is in aid of the Terrence Higgins Trust of which Stephen is the president of the Friends for Life programme.

Picture credit: By Freedom Fry — “Happy birthday to GNU” film crew, especially Matt Lee and Andrew Sampson [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. I’ll join in. Cheers good sir! You’re an excellent actor and a freethinking man. For that, I greatly admire you. Congratulations on surviving 55 years, an age that most of our ancestors never hoped to reach. I hope your life continues in good health and happiness for many years. Márienna!