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First Image of Tauriel Surfaces

Ever since Peter Jackson announced Evangeline Lilly would be playing Tauriel, a warrior Elf in his up and coming Hobbit films, fans have wanted to know more about this new character that doesn’t exist in Tolkien’s books.

Jackson has been ever gracious in seeing to it we fans have a streaming supply of behind the scenes videos to drool over until our eyes can feast on the actual films, but they’ve been lacking in Tauriel images.

Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, new Hobbit toy images have popped up revealing our first glimpse of Tauriel. The toy box shows the full toy figure dressed ready for battle and down in the right corner there’s a small headshot photo. Perhaps Jackson could find it in his heart to post a full photo for fans during Tolkien Week (hint hint)…


So, Tolkien fans, what do you think? Still worried about Jackson’s added Hobbit character, and if so, what are your major concerns about her role?

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  1. From the little that i can see, she looks great– a really cool wood elf. As a huge fan of Lost, she was always one of my favorite characters, and she’s proven herself to be a fantastic actor (and of course she’s amazingly beautiful). I’ve read that she’ll be playing a captain in the elven army, a character that was in the book, but that went unnamed and was male. Also, i think we may have gotten a brief glimpse of her kicking some orc butt in the latest production video. On the blog In a Hole In the Ground he did some frame by frame analysis and caught a screencap. It really looks to be her– check it out. And i guess this toy coming out now means that she’ll be in the first movie. I’m really looking forward to finally seeing her character! Anyway, excellent find!

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