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New Hobbit Trailer Debut Time Announced and Sneak Peek Image Released!

The official Hobbit Movie twitter account just announced the new Hobbit trailer will make it’s debut on iTunes Trailers tomorrow at 10 am EST! They were also gracious enough to post an exclusive sneak peek image of the trailer, which shows Bilbo Baggins amid some gorgeous architecture.

Any ideas as to where Bilbo is or what has put such an awed expression on his face?

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  1. I’d say he’s in Rivendell. As to why the expression, well, it’s Rivendell. Perhaps he’s seeing Elrond for the first time (or maybe Galadriel puts in a surprise appearance?).

  2. Bilbo is has clearly popped out to visit the Sackville-Bagginsies and is astonished that they have such a neat crib.

  3. New trailer! About bloody time!

  4. victorialadybug says:

    Can’t wait to watch it!

  5. And it’s not just being released online tomorrow, but on television and in theaters as well. Let the onslaught begin!

  6. I would go see a film just to see the new trailer on the big screen!!! Help me, its begun!!

  7. In Rivendell.

    He is puzzled by the “tra-la-la-lally” song….

  8. Ugh, can’t wait twenty minutes! Bring it on now! xD